LEGO Detective’s Office

  Here is another one of the LEGO modular building called the Detective’s Office ☺️
 Here is the street layout…

   Come inside and play some pool
How would you like your hair done?


Come and get your hair cut!  
Pool tournament

  Realises something important is missing while baking  
Searching for clues in the back alley

  See if the detective found anything  
  Streets getting crowded with the brick bank and detective’s office  


LEGO Brick Bank

Sharing my latest obsession, the lego modular series. This one is the 2016 modular, Brick Bank. Made up of 2389 pieces of lego.

  Hello, be careful!
  Dry cleaning the chicken suit!  Scrub it clean 🙂
  The lucky winner!  Stamp it stamp it…
  Working day at the Brick Bank…  Breaking in through the chimney!
  Hurry!!! Before they notice us…