Which Rapunzel Do You Prefer?

First of all, Happy New Year!!! This time, I’m making two versions of Rapunzel. One is the classic version (I think its more similar to the classic fairytale, again I followed FlyingMio’s tutorial on youtube), the other one is the Rapunzel we all know from Disney’s Tangled.

I enjoyed making the flowers details on her hair although it is time consuming, but its so pretty.

As for the Tangled Rapunzel…

I struggled to smooth out the top part of her hair because the airdry clay has gone dried during the making process. But this is coz I had to wait for the clay to get a bit dry so it wont be sticking to each other and make the hair looks like a mess (since I had to do the hair strand by strand). This is the weakness of amos airdry clay. When its not dried, it is very sticky and once it sticks, you cant took it off without ruining the shape. So I played around with it until its almost dry and then quickly shaped the hair, but as a result, it is too late to smooth out the top bit of the head.

So its either having a smooth blend top but messy squeezed curly hair (remember my failed mermaid on my previous post) or having messy unblend top but pretty curly hair. I choosed the later 🙂

So here are the finished Rapunzels.

I would love to try playing with polymer clay next time, but I’ll wait until I finish all of my air dry clay that I bought. I think the end result will be much nicer, less messy and more detailed using polymer clay.