Frozen Princesses

I remember around this time last year, I watched Frozen and I love it. So I’ve decided to make the two princesses.

For Anna, I followed FlyingMio’s tutorial from youtube, but for Elsa, this was my first time making a figurine without any tutorial (the second time was The Smurfs which was previously posted on the blog). I dont really like the Elsa that was made by FlyingMio (especially the hair, I found it to be a lil bit weird) so I tried to create my own Elsa.

For Elsa’s cape and dress, I sprinkled some eye shadow glitters to make it all sparkly and pretty. Too bad you can’t clearly see the glitters from pictures…

As for my Anna, her tiny boots can’t hold the weight of her body so she can’t stand up on her own without leaning onto something 😦 regardless, she is still adorable.

So here are the two princesses from Frozen.


Happy Holidays From The Smurfs

A friend of mine is a huge fan of The Smurfs, and she asked me to make her smurfs clay figurine. I tried to make this figurine without using tutorial. So here goes…

Started with the body and the head.

Then, I made a little gift box since its holiday season.

For the face, I decided not to make it looks like the original Smurfs’ face. Instead, I’m gave them my chibi version of face (like the ones being used for all my chibi princesses).

He looked a bit lonely by himself, so I made Smurfette to accompany him.

Happy holidays!!!

Arabian Princess

Presenting…. Princess Jasmine from Disney’s Aladdin! Love how she turns out to be, she is so adorable. Again, I was following youtube video tutorial by FlyingMio but I made a few changes. I wanted to make the magic carpet, therefore, instead of making her standing up like in the tutorial, I made her sitting down so she can sit on the magic carpet.

I’m thinking of making Aladdin or the Genie to accompany her on the magic carpet, but we’ll see…

Link to the youtube tutorial:

Chibi Jasmine Clay Tutorial

Little Mermaid

Chibi Princess Ariel from Disney’s Little Mermaid 🙂 This is my second attempt on making her. The first one was my very first try on making clay and therefore it was a disaster. She got squished here and there because of my inexperience in using air dry clay. Air dry clay is very sticky when you first take it out from its container. You have to play around with it for a while so it wont be as sticky and easier to mold with.

This is the failed Ariel….

And now…. the new Ariel!

Link to the youtube tutorial:

Chibi Ariel Clay Tutorial

More Sketches

Erza Scarlet from Fairytail is one of my favourite anime/manga characters. Her ability to requip more than 100 different armors and weapons is what makes her so amazing. I love seeing all the different armors that she has and so I made sketches of the heaven’s wheel armor and japanese cloth armor. I am thinking of sketching more of her armors in the future.

I alo adore Mirajane from Fairytail, especially when she is in her demonic form, therefore I made this sketch.

From One Piece, Trafalgar Law sketch.

And more sketches…..

Water Spirit from Aion Mmorpg.

Chibi Wukong and Ashe from League of Legends.

Jaina Proudmoore from Warcraft or also known as Crystal Maiden from Defence of the Ancients (DOTA).

Chibi Naruto and Hinata.

Chibi Minato and Kushina (Naruto’s parents).

Sleeping Beauty

Amongst all the Disney princesses that I have made, I found Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty to be most challenging so far. I struggled mostly with the hair, and had to redo it three times before I manage to get it right. Still not perfect, but acceptable.

For the tiara and necklace, I painted it with gold glitter nail polish to make it all sparkly!

Here is the link to the tutorial:

Chibi Sleeping Beauty Clay Tutorial