Dollies for Newborn Baby Girls

I made these two adorable dollies for two of my friends who just gave birth to two beautiful baby girls. I hope they will like it 🤗🤗🤗


Chibi Chinese Couple

Meet the cutest couple in town dressed in traditional chinese clothing 😘

These chibi dolls are custom ordered by a loving boyfriend for his girlfriend as an anniversary gift! How sweet! I named them Xiao Li and Mei Ling.

My First Crochet Doll

Taking a break from making clay figurines, I went back to work on my crochet doll that has been neglected for a while. I started the doll in the past, but havent got the time and the mood to finish it.

Anyway, I am heavily inspired by a crochet doll designer named Lina Marie, her instagram username is @linamariedolls. Do check her out if you like dolls coz her dolls are amazing!

So I pushed myself to finish my first doll.

Although she looks okay but I’m not really happy with her. I think I made her eyes too small, her neck is too thin (cant hold the weight of her hair), her cheek not puffy enough and her blush on didnt look right. So when one of my close friends invite me to her daughter first birthday, I wanted to re-make my doll and give it to her daughter as a bday gift.

When making the new doll, I tried to fix all the things that make me unhappy with my first doll, and here she is…

I’m quite happy with her and I hope my friend’s daughter will love her. I think she looks prettier than the previous doll but I still love my first doll regardless how she looks, because she is my very first crochet doll 🙂 I am going to keep her for myself.

I’ve created an instagram account @craftyfairydolls for these dolls.