Spring Bunnies Are Back!

The spring bunnies are making a comeback!!!

Meet Sakura the Pink Bunny. Sakura loves to eat sweets. Put some candies in front of your door and she might come to visit you 🍬🍬🍬

Meet Hikari the yellow bunny. Hikari loves the sunlight. During summer, you might find her sunbathing at your nearest beach ☀️☀️☀

Meet Wasabi! Just like his name, Wasabi is his favourite food. The next time you go to your fav sushi restaurant, you may find him jumping to your table asking for tiny bit of wasabi 😁

Meet Sora the blue bunny.  Sora has always been fascinated by the vastness of the sky. He always carry a picnic rug so anytime anywhere he can just roll it out, lay down and enjoy the blue sky ☁️☁️☁️

Meet Mizuki, Sora’s twin sister.  But unlike Sora, she doesn’t like the outdoor.  Mizuki prefer to stay home and play her favourite online games 🎮

Last but not least, meet Hana.  Hana loves flower more than anything.  Keep an eye on her the next time you’re watering your garden.  You may find her sneaking around the flowers 🌷🌹🌻🌿

“DONT forget me! I’m Yuki the alpha! Introduce me!!!

Now now Yuki, be a good girl and get in line with your friends.  We’ve introduced you months ago.  Yuki has been very naughty, she photobombed all her friends’ pics if you notice.

Finally, all the bunnies together!!!


3 thoughts on “Spring Bunnies Are Back!

  1. So neat! I wish I had the patience to make multiples. Usually by the time I’ve completed a project, I think “yes! Now I never have to look at this pattern ever again.”


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