Frozen Princesses

I remember around this time last year, I watched Frozen and I love it. So I’ve decided to make the two princesses.

For Anna, I followed FlyingMio’s tutorial from youtube, but for Elsa, this was my first time making a figurine without any tutorial (the second time was The Smurfs which was previously posted on the blog). I dont really like the Elsa that was made by FlyingMio (especially the hair, I found it to be a lil bit weird) so I tried to create my own Elsa.

For Elsa’s cape and dress, I sprinkled some eye shadow glitters to make it all sparkly and pretty. Too bad you can’t clearly see the glitters from pictures…

As for my Anna, her tiny boots can’t hold the weight of her body so she can’t stand up on her own without leaning onto something 😦 regardless, she is still adorable.

So here are the two princesses from Frozen.


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