One Piece Grand Ship Collections

One Piece is one of my favourites animes/mangas of all time. That’s why, when I found out Bandai released a plastic model kit (“plamodel”) line of One Piece’s ships, I knew I have to get them all. Hence…It took a lot of effort to complete the whole set because there were only four models available in my local area. I found the rest of them during my trips to Sydney, Melbourne, Taiwan and Japan.

Just like most plamodels, stickers are provided for those who can’t be bothered painting the model. As for me, I’ve always wanted to try painting plamodels, therefore I started to do some research on various type of plamodel paints that are available.

After weighing the pro and cons of different type of paints, finally I’ve decided to use Mr.Color acrylic paint by Mr.Hobby. So I went to a local store and get all the paint colours needed for all ten ships. I also get the finishing clear spray, masking tape, paint thinner, plastic glue, gundam marker for fine detailing and of course some paint brushes. These are the basic things needed to paint a plamodel.

Some of the colours that I got:I will start posting the finished ships one by one. Wait for it!


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